New Jersey’s public schools are among the best in the nation and in District 39, property values are directly linked to our high-achieving districts. We’re committed to protecting the future of public education by:

  • Ensuring every school district receives its full allocation of state funding
  • Promoting vocational and career training through funding for county vo-tech schools
  • Supporting educators and encouraging the next generation of teachers and support staff to enter the profession

“As an educator for over two decades, I’ve seen first hand how funding early intervention and support programs can help all students succeed.”

- Damon Englese


It has been just over one year since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and New Jersey has remained on the forefront of protecting reproductive freedom. We cannot allow the pressure of Washington Republican extremists to influence our state laws. We’ll keep New Jersey a pro-choice state by:

  • Supporting legislation that protects every woman’s right to choose
  • Fully funding Planned Parenthood and community health centers that provide care to more than just women
  • Ensure Department of Labor regulations help eliminate the gender pay gap and provide adequate paid family leave

“District 39 deserves someone in the State Senate who will stand up for reproductive freedom - and I’m ready to be a leader fighting for our shared values.”

- Jodi Murphy


Small businesses are the economic engine of our region and with our proximity to New York, we are home to one of the most important economies in the nation. District 39 needs leadership who will bring together businesses and government agencies to support the local economy. We’re committed to making our district even stronger by:

  • Advocating for small business grant and loan programs through New Jersey Economic Development Authority
  • Encouraging tax fairness that prevents small businesses from shouldering an unfair burden
  • Creating programs that encourage collaboration between local businesses and high schools to prepare the next generation of our workforce

“As a local restaurant owner I’ve seen the importance of support programs from the state and am committed to helping every current and new entrepreneur succeed.”

- John Vitale


The right to vote is the basis of our democracy and Trenton has consistently worked to make it easier for people to cast their ballot. We share the goal in empowering voters to guide decisions at all levels of government by:

  • Updating the voter registration and vote-by-mail systems to make it more secure
  • Ensuring all voting machines are safe and secure with a paper trail
  • Respecting the outcome of elections as run by our Boards of Election

Climate Change

Every time it rains, northern New Jersey communities experience washed out roadways and homeowners have their basements flooding. Trenton has started to take steps in the right direction, but oil and coal lobbyists continue to resist meaningful action to prevent climate change. We’ll be voices for future generations by:

  • Supporting the current administration’s efforts to transition to a clean energy economy
  • Making sensible decisions about off-shore wind based on scientific evidence - not special interests controlled by big oil companies
  • Working with local communities to acquire resources from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection that help mitigate flooding